Machinery park

We possess a rich machinery park which is regularly extended and modernised.

CNC milling machines

DMC 64V Linear         640x600x500

DMC  1035V EcoLine   1035x560x510

Avia FN40N


Electro-erosion machines

ONA B230        350x250x300

INGERSOLL      HS300H 300X195X250

Agietron  Integral3

Mitsubishi EA12S


Wire erosion machine

CUT 20        350x250x250

Flat surface grinding machine

BPH 300        1000x350

Jung               500x200


Round grinding machine for shafts and openings

BUA 25    max średnica 200 dlugość 500


Die grinders

Szlifierka koordynacyjna Deckel


Moreover, we possess a range of conventional machines, such as:

Turning lathes, milling machines, jig drilling machine